Wide area networks can be utilised to connect your local area network (LAN) to LANs in other towns, cities or countries. Through Business Services, our clients now have access to this technology, and so can you.

The biggest benefit of using this system is that companies can conduct their work over a vast area without being pinned down to one physical location. It is widely used by governments, organisations and individuals across the world. The internet is the world’s largest WAN (wide area network).

Wide area networks in South Africa, provided by us provide you with:

  • A centre point where you can consolidate all your data
  • The ability to distribute your data to remote locations in a safe and secure manner
  • Reduced lag time
  • A reduction in reliance on multiple servers and storage locations
  • Less equipment to maintain
  • Centralising your data allows for a much more responsive IT infrastructure over all

So if your business operates from multiple locations, or if you have satellite outposts it makes a lot of sense to employ a WAN. We offer a scalable service, which means that we can cater for small operations or large ones with many different offices or work areas.

Additionally, we are positioned to provide you with all the services associated with having a WAN, such as internet connectivity, cloud storage and basic functions such as email access. It just makes more sense to get all your services from one provider.

To find out more, contact a consultant at Business Services today.

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