[dropcap cap=’T’]he Mother City is more than just a popular tourist destination and VoIP services in Cape Town are more in demand than ever before. This commercial hub attracts businesses from around the globe which makes having modern communications systems a must.[/dropcap]

In South Africa it is not always possible to rely on traditional telecommunications infrastructure which is why communicating via the internet is so popular. Voice over Internet Protocol communication allows you to stay in touch all the time.

The concept behind the technology is quite simple, as it does what the name implies. It allows you to send voice data over an internet connection. The benefits of making use of this system are numerous and include:

  • Huge cost savings compared to traditional forms of communications
  • It is very quick and easy to set up in your place of work
  • There are no geographical boundaries
  • Additional added features include buzzer integration and the ability to do voice to email transcription
  • Conference calling is easy to setup

Not many VoIP providers in Cape Town can boast well of 15 years of experience in the IT Industry which is why Business Services should be your first port of call. Our customer centric approach allows us to find the solution that fits your needs in order to build a lasting relationship.

Contact one of our friendly consultants today and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect solution of product that best suits your communications requirements.

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