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Business Services Wireless Home Internet Access is delivered to you by our own fully redundant network using carrier class wireless technology. This means you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • We own and operate our own network – No third party suppliers, meaning we can ensure you are always connected.
  • No land line needed – The connection is completely wireless there is no need for you to have a land line and no need for you to worry about cable theft!
  • Free Trial available – Test it out for 1 week and if you not 100% satisfied we will remove everything at no COST!
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[legend3 title=’Home Capped Options’]
Always on Wireless Connection thats available with soft cap or hard cap options on an unshaped connection.

Data Line Speed Price
3GB Up To 4mbps R 99.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=13&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
10GB Up To 4mbps R 169.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=14&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
20GB Up To 4mbps R 299.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=15&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
30GB Up To 4mbps R 449.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=16&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
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Cant find a package that suites your needs, contact us and we will gladly assist you with a custom package! Please note all pricing is exclusive of VAT.

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[legend3 title=’Uncapped Home Options’]
Pay a fixed Monthly fee and use as much data as you want(Subject to our AUP which can be found at www.bsit.co.za/aup). A shaped connection where web browsing and email traffic is prioritised and all other traffic gets lower priority during business hours.

Data Line Speed Price
Uncapped 1mbps R 399.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=17&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
Uncapped 2mbps R 699.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=18&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
Uncapped 4mbps R 999.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=19&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
Uncapped 6mbps R 1 199.00 /pm* [button size=’small’ style=’color’ link=’https://clientportal.bsit.co.za/app/cart_estate.php?cat=5&pro_id=20&rel=nofollow’ linktarget=’_blank’ icon=”]Apply Now[/button]
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Various Installation Options to suite your needs!

[headline style=”big-centered” subtitle=”Options”]Standard Home Installation[/headline][space size=”60″]
  • Standard  installation includes Broadband WiFI Router.
Contract Period Once Off Installation
12 Month Contract R 450.00*
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*All prices are excluding VAT

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