Business Services’ network design and installations, are suitable for all companies, whether yours is just starting up or is established but contains an ageing IT infrastructure. Our skilled IT technicians and consultants will be able to advise you on what type of system you need.

Our scalable solutions take cognisance of the size of your business in order to provide you with the most effective network. This includes:

  • Choosing the correct components to be used
  • Discussing the customer requirements
  • Appointing a project manager to oversee the process
  • Installing the system
  • Getting it up and running to leave you with a live network

If you have an existing network our team will advise you on which parts need to be upgraded or replaced. In some cases you may require an entire IT overhaul but this is discussed in great detail once the consulting process has been completed.

To ensure that all installations are executed to our demanding standards, our staff are trained and certified to operate and setup hardware like servers and individual machines, including all the necessary software.

Furthermore, our network design and installations in South Africa are designed to be more than just wires and servers. You can expect a smooth, efficient system with fast internet access and all the required security features to safeguard your data.

With almost two decades of experience in this industry, we have installed hundreds of networks. To take advantage of our unique offering and to find out more, give one of our friendly consultants a call today.

Our service areas include:

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