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[dropcap cap=’A’] core requirement for any business is good quality IT support solutions. Driven by our support philosophy we offer scalable well managed IT support for any size organization. We don’t over complicate the enterprise business or alienate the start-up.[/dropcap]

  • Maybe you have an in-house team and want to expand on skills without adding huge overheads?
  • Maybe IT is taking up 10 hours of your time each week and this could be better spent on growing your business?

Our support is broken down into 2 services ad hock and SLA. Business Services Ad Hock Support offers flexibility for clients to use engineer hours as they required, on a pay as you go basis or block booking. SLA Support is an all inclusive service with one monthly fee. This allows you to forget about IT support costs and concentrate on your business growth. One flat fee per month for all your IT support requirements; that’s what we set out to achieve with Business Services SLA’s. It doesn’t matter how many times you need us onsite or offsite you pay the same. Peace of mind for your business knowing that all your IT issues are being handling by a qualified team on a fixed monthly cost. This service is open to all business sizes, whether you’re the Director not having the time to be the designated IT person on top of everything else, through to large enterprise businesses needing to outsource skill sets.

Proactive monitoring is standard with or SLA’s, reducing the break fix levels by up to 60%. We focus on user education and ensure training and ability is kept in line with management policies. Every workstation and server is under constant 24 hour monitoring for fault or potential flash points.Cash is king. No matter what size your business is managing cash flow is still number one on every CEO’s list. Business running costs have always had an unknown element. SLA Support fixes those concerns; a flat fee each month and we look after it all. Good IT support is about taking the stress out of a business. Our proactive approach will find issues before they become a break fix issue, giving you time to plan and manage a situation.

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Fixing the blame culture

We understand that you will have many suppliers for different services such as broadband, hosting, domain names, hardware, anti-virus, VOIP and many more. A vitally important feature of our service is to ensure all these 3rd party sections are managed. The blame culture in IT is high, by negating this we are able to speak to your other suppliers and ensure the problems are resolved as quickly as possible. We act as a knowledgeable intermediary ensuring you come first.

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