[dropcap cap=’I’]f you’re a company that needs to focus on objectives such as growth and profit, you can leave the hosting of data to us, the IT specialists. Business Services provides hosted exchange services to business in Pretoria that would like to the benefit of accessing company data and staying connected without expending too much company resources.[/dropcap]

Today’s personnel needs to work offsite while being able to access vital information at their head office in cities such as Pretoria. Our hosted exchange services, in this regard, allows your personnel to access their emails, task managers and documents from virtually anywhere. What’s more, they have the convenience of doing so using connective devices ranging from their tablet and smartphone to their laptop. This allows them the versatility they need to be productive, and exceptionally serve your company.

Taking the various needs of companies into account, our hosted exchange service offers:

  • A reliable connection for staff located around the globe
  • The flexibility you need to expand as the service is scalable to your needs
  • Constant connectivity with 99.9% uptime
  • Support to a variety of devices that have features such as email, calendars, contacts and task management applications

We’re committed to delivering the most effective service to ensure that you’re connected and can smoothly access data whenever you need to. We are also a partner of the Microsoft SPLA (Service Provide Licence Agreement), so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting high standards of service.

Take your business with you wherever you go. Contact us now to find out more about our hosted exchange in Pretoria.

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