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Home ADSL Internet Access

Business ServicesHome ADSL Internet Access

Business Services can provide home ADSL internet access that is of the highest standard. Our mission has always been to provide fast, reliable and affordable options that cater for all households.

We understand what an instrumental part of everyday life the internet has become. Whether you need a fast line for streaming video to your smart TV, various points to cater for the whole family, our just a capped options for general browsing and email, we have the ideal solution for you.

Uncapped 2mbps

R 290.00 /pm
  • Uncapped Data
  • 2mbps Line Speed
  • Month to Month Contract

Uncapped 4mbps

R 350.00 /pm
  • Uncapped Data
  • 4mbps Line Speed
  • Month to Month Contract

Uncapped 10mbps

R 585.00 /pm
  • Uncapped Data
  • 10mbps Line Speed
  • Month to Month Contract

Business Services have been around for over 20 years, providing a range of IT services for bother businesses of all sizes, and home users. We also constantly stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, allowing us to constantly provide the best facilities.

Aside from the high-quality home ADSL internet access, our clients also enjoy advanced support and service. Our friendly, highly trained staff are on hand to cater for any queries you may have, and also for any technical support you may need.

With Business Services, you can be sure that you will enjoy an evolving product which continues to get better. Unlike some service providers, our focus is not on debt orders and average products.

Contact a consultant at Business Services today and allow us to tailor-make a package that perfectly suits your needs. With our home ADSL internet access packages, you will always be connected.

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