[dropcap cap=’B’]usiness is conducted at a faster pace than ever and this is why having super-fast access to the internet has become important. Business Services now offers fibre internet access in Pretoria that can help your organisation stay ahead of the curve.
When one considers the proximity of Pretoria to the economic hub of Africa the need for high speed internet becomes even more crucial. Whether your business is aiming locally, regionally or internationally, the fast transmission of data can provide you with the advantage you need over your competitors.[/dropcap]

This increase in speed is all thanks to the way in which fibre cables transmit information via light waves. Making use of this technology in Pretoria will enable you to:

  • Effortlessly access vital information to ensure the success of your organisation
  • Effectively communication with staff no matter where they are
  • Enjoy high quality video calls to clients all over the world
  • Maintain you ever important online presence on social media platforms
  • Access and download large files in a short period of time

Our package offers numerous benefits and includes:

  • Access fibre through various suppliers
  • Speeds range from a reliable 2Mbps to a bar setting 100Mbps
  • End to End Service Level Agreements
  • Scalability, allowing you to increase the speed of your connection in line with your business growth

The fibre package from Business Services is ideal for high bandwidth applications and rapidly expanding business enterprises. Contact one of our consultants today to find out how you can get super-fast fibre internet access now.

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