Fibre internet access from Business Services offers the ultimate in online connectivity. It functions by utilising fibre optic cables that transmit information via light waves instead of electricity. This means that data travels at exponentially faster speeds compared to more conventional connections.

Corporate Fibre Promotion

  • Uncontended local and international Bandwidth.
  • Synchronous Internet Speeds
  • Free Fibre Installation
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Standard SLA Agreement
  • Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.
Type Line Speed Price
Corporate Fibre 10mbps/10mbps R 3995.00 /pm*
Corporate Fibre 20mbps/20mbps R 5295.00 /pm*
Corporate Fibre 30mbps/30mbps R 6995.00 /pm*
Corporate Fibre 50mbps/50mbps R 8095.00 /pm*
Corporate Fibre 100mbps/100mbps R 9695.00 /pm*
*All prices are excluding VAT

Compared to traditional lines, it offers greater stability with less interruptions while also being less susceptible to power surges such as those experienced during thunder storms. It is able to support massive amounts of data.

With Business Services you get:

  • Business Services offers fibre through various suppliers
  • Speeds 10Mbps – 100Mbps
  • End to End Service Level Agreements
  • Scalability

With this type of connection the ability to transfer large files no longer requires waiting for long periods of time. Additionally, you get to benefit from reliable conference calling abilities, high quality video streaming capacity, and fast and efficient download services.

Companies that are in a bandwidth intense industry can make great use of such a product, especially if a requirement exists to transmit large files on a regular basis. The technology is also scalable, allowing you to select your own speed, as required. Furthermore, fibre is capable of supporting almost unlimited line speeds, as and when it becomes available.

Therefore as your company grows and expands you do not have to worry about a load increase on your networks. This service, like all our others, is backed up by our IT support team, who are on hand to help you resolve any problems, should they arise.

Our service areas include:

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