Business Services is a leading Telecommunications & IT Solution Provider

W e have a strong focus on our clients' needs, our practical approach ensures that we can offer you tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Fibre to the Home

Fibre to the home

Business Fibre

Business Fibre

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet


LTE Advanced

Why you should choose Business Services

We are driven by Our Vision – “To be The leading Connectivity solutions provider in South Africa!”

Leading, coming in advance of others;

Connectivity, the ability to link to and communicate with other computer systems, electronic devices, software, or the Internet;

Solutions, the act of solving a problem, question, etc;

  • Home Wireless
  • 2mbps to 20mbps Line Speed
  • Uncapped Data Options
  • No Land Line Required
  • Free 1 Week Trial
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  • LTE -Advanced
  • Always on wireless connection
  • 10mbps up to 50mbps Line Speed
  • Capped Package Options
  • LTE-A on Rain's & Cell C's Network
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  • Fibre to The Home
  • FTTH through Various Suppliers
  • 4mbps to 1000mbps Line Speed
  • Uncapped and Capped Packages
  • Static IP Address
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  • Business Fibre Internet
  • Uncapped Data Usage
  • 6mbps to 1gbps Line Speed
  • Easily Upgradable
  • Wireless Failover with Gold SLA
  • More Info
G et wireless internet today – Get fast secure wireless internet access that you can rely on and best of all its wireless which means you don’t need a land line or have days without service because of cable theft.

Business Services is the leading Wireless Internet Service provider in South Africa. We own our own Network and don’t rely on any third part suppliers to deliver the connection to your premises which means we can offer you the best turn around on support and installations can be done with no time.

Cable theft is a huge problem in South Africa and one that effects business’s on a daily basis, with our fully redundant Wireless network the need to rely on copper cables to deliver services to your door is a thing of the past. Our Carrier Class wireless network is fully redundant and we currently deliver voice over IP, VPN and Internet services through it.

We offer a range of wireless internet package options from uncapped to capped. Whether you are a home user that just wants to surf the internet or a Business that requires guaranteed bandwidth with an SLA and without the problems related to fixed line services we are here to help you get the wireless internet package that’s right for you.

Call us today to get wireless internet or more information on our other services!

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